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Most innovative & energy efficient Technology in India

"Marvel In Architecture" To Protect Our Environment For Our Future Generation, The First Most Innovative & Energy Efficient Designed Bungalow In Rural Area At Pirangute, Mulshi, Pune, Maharastra, india By Ar.Ashish Balkrishna Sheth, Savvy Architects & Interior Designers (Pune). Constructed With A Solar Passive Design And Using Energy-efficient Building Materials. Started In 2016, Its 284 Sq M Plot And 100 Sqm Approximate (Plinth Area) Structure Covers Only 35% Of The Total Area While A Larger Soft Area With Vertical Garden Plantation On Compound Wall And Lawn At One Side Margin Of The Building. Keep Space For Organic Farming At Back Side Margin . A Design That Allows For 75% Of Natural Daylight, Energy Saving Design System.

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