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Youngest Kid to Identify More Than 1100 Flashcards

Liyaan Adhvikh (D.o.b April 4, 2022) From Tamil Nadu, India. He Can Recite and Identify More Than 1200 Objects. It Covers 36 Topics. Each Topics Contains Minimum of 25 Cards. Such as Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits, Alphabets, Numbers, Wonders of the World, Monuments of India, Freedom Fighters, Inventors & Inventions, Space, Flags, Shapes, Colours, Construction Tools, Professions, Vehicles, Body Parts, Internal Human Organs, Musical Instruments, Olympic Games, Car Logos, Company Logos, Medicinal Plants, Road Sights, Kitchenwares, Home Appliances, Insects, Gadgets, Food Items, Groceries and Other Objects Around Us.

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